An attic bathroom under a sloped ceiling? Discover our advice and ideas

05-05-2023 | Innovations
An attic bathroom under a sloped ceiling? Discover our advice and ideas

Does your bathroom have a sloped ceiling, or would you like to create one in the attic? Designing a bathroom under a sloping roof is a challenge, but the result will definitely be cosy! Imagine taking a shower or a bath under the beautiful stars. A skylight also provides plenty of light, which is very useful when getting ready in the morning.

In this article, we give you tips and ideas for designing your bathroom under a slanted ceiling in an optimal and aesthetic way.

What do you need to pay attention to?

In particular, arranging a small bathroom with sloped ceiling can seem like a difficult, almost impossible task, but it certainly isn't! The most important thing to pay attention to is the height of the space under the slanted ceiling. Installing a shower or bathroom cabinet requires a height of at least two metres. Read further below and discover the possible layouts for a bathroom with a sloped ceiling.

A sloped ceiling shower

A shower under a sloped ceiling or wall is certainly possible; just keep in mind a height of two metres and position the shower head at the highest point. The most suitable shower arrangement is the walk-in shower with shower enclosure. You place this parallel to the sloping wall.

A shower cabin is also possible if the sloping roof is high enough. The photo below shows a bathroom under a sloping roof with a walk-in shower, but a shower cabin is also possible here.

Inloopdouche Onder Schuin Dak sloped ceiling shower walk in shower shower ideas for slanted ceilings

Bathroom vanity under a sloped ceiling

You can also place the bathroom vanity under a sloped ceiling, and if you have enough space, you can even go for a double washbasin. You can also choose an extra wide bathroom cabinet that you can place completely under the sloped wall to create extra storage space. Make sure that the washbasin or washbowl is positioned so that you can stand at it. So measure everything carefully beforehand.

Badkamermeubel Onder Schuin Dak , sloped ceiling bathroom vanity

A bathtub in the attic

The space right under the sloped roof is the ideal place for the bath. A freestanding, semi-freestanding or built-in bath, all are usually possible. So here you can choose the bath of your dreams. With a skylight above the bath, you complete your bathroom and can enjoy quality or me time under the stars.

Devotion Bad Onder Schuin Dak bathtub under slanted ceiling

Start with a mood board for your bathroom

Besides measuring and drawing everything out properly, it’s best to first create a mood board for your bathroom. Put the colours, materials and items you like in the bathroom together and see if everything fits together nicely. Wondering how to get started? Then read our article with tips and inspiration for your bathroom mood board.

As for colours, for a bathroom under a sloping roof it’s best to choose light shades. These create a spacious, fresh and bright feeling; ideal for a bathroom. In addition, a large mirror, large skylight and large tiles can also enhance the feeling of space.

Get expert advice

Would you like help and personal advice on designing your bathroom under a sloped ceiling? Our experts will be happy to help you realise your dream bathroom. Make an appointment and come and discover our bathroom products.

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