Living in Autumn Style: Create a cosy autumn atmosphere in your home and bathroom

02-10-2023 | Inspiration
Living in Autumn Style: Create a cosy autumn atmosphere in your home and bathroom

Autumn is a season of warmth, cosiness and change. As the days shorten and temperatures drop, it is time to transform your home into a cosy oasis that perfectly matches the autumn atmosphere. There are several living styles that fit seamlessly with autumn and can help you bring the magic of this season into your interior. Let's explore some of these living styles and let them reflect in the bathroom as well:

Scandinavian Hygge: Warmth and simplicity

The Scandinavian living style, known for its hygge (cosiness), suits autumn perfectly. Colour palettes consist of neutral tones such as grey, white and beige, combined with warm accents such as wood and rustic decoration. It's all about comfort and relaxation, which suits the autumn season perfectly. Bring this atmosphere to your bathroom with the Scandic NXT shower enclosure with Smoked glass, which offers an intimate and cosy look. Combine it with a wooden furniture, such as Livit in Mahogany. If you really want to go for the Scandinavian style with the neutral shades of white and beige, then the Bilbao bath in Pebble Grey and a FromScratch bathroom cabinet in Sand Taupe are for you.

Scandic Nxt Walk In Smoked Inloopdouche Rookglas Douche A Italienne Verre Fume Dusche Smoked Glass Rauchglass Web autumn bathroom style

Rustic and Rural: Back to nature

A rustic or country living style suits the autumn season perfectly. Think raw wooden furniture, authentic accents and warm colours like brown and green. Add natural elements such as dried flowers, pine cones and wooden decorations to embrace the cosy feel. But did you know that you can also extend this rustic autumn atmosphere to your bathroom? By combining the Livit Velvet Top washbasin and wood-look base cabinet with a matching mirror cabinet and column cabinet, you can let this rustic and rustic living style shine in your bathroom too. Add a Solid Surface bath with its matt look, and you will create a pure and natural autumn atmosphere in your bathroom.

Lusso Atmosph 2022 01  Web autumn mood bathroom

Bohemian Autumn: Colourful and eclectic

If you love colour and have an eclectic style, then a bohemian autumn look is for you. Go for rich, earthy colours like deep orange, ruby red, and moss green, which are perfect for the autumn season. Mix different patterns and textures in artwork, rugs and wall decorations. Add plants for a touch of natural beauty and create a relaxed atmosphere with soft lighting. If you want to extend this bohemian style into your bathroom, consider a Fromscratch bathroom cabinet in Terracotta or the Bilbao Solid Surface bathtub in Moss Green. That way, you'll bring the warmth and colour of autumn to every corner of your home, including your bathroom.

Bilbao 170 Escala Z22 Moss Green Adjustment 01 concrete look bathroom bathtub autumn interior style bathroom

Let your bathroom shine this autumn and all other seasons with RIHO. Would you like to take a look at our products? Then make an appointment in one of our showrooms or visit a RIHO retailer near you.

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