New bathroom or a renovation? Start with a moodboard!

03-04-2023 | Innovations
New bathroom or a renovation? Start with a moodboard!

Are you building or renovating and is the bathroom next on the list? Then start with a moodboard for your bathroom. Because let's be honest, on Pinterest and other social networking sites we see so many beautiful designs popping up that it’s often difficult to choose. From the layout to the materials and colours, the possibilities are endless and sometimes you just can't decide.

To make your choices easier and create a beautiful whole, we recommend starting with a mood board.

Here we explain how to create a mood board for your new bathroom. Discover our tips and get started yourself!

What is a ‘moodboard’?

What is a mood board? What’s the meaning? Well, you can take the meaning very literally and think of it as a board that captures the atmosphere or mood you want to achieve in a particular space. But it can also be a collection of elements you like or the interior style you want to pursue.

Putting together all the elements and colours you want to use gives you a better overview. That way you’ll be sure that everything will fit together and there will be no surprises later on.

Three ways to create a bathroom moodboard

You can create a moodboard for your bathroom in several ways. Below, we explain three methods!

Grab some magazines, scissors and glue

This way brings back a lot of nostalgia! Just like for Christmas back in the day, you can start cutting out everything you like from inspiration magazines to create your moodboard. You can then take this board with you wherever you go and look for the right products in any bathroom shop. Only downside are the sticky fingers 😉.

Bathroom Living

Get started with samples of materials

Would you like to see all the bathroom elements, such as the furniture and tiles, in real life and combined? Then feel free to ask for samples so you can put everything together in your home or in the showroom. If it’s still not completely according to your wishes, you can add other materials until the picture is 100% right.

Feel free to visit our showroom in Diest or Tilburg. Together with our advisers, you can put together your bathroom moodboard with our products.

Or take your laptop and create a moodboard online

No magazines around or would you rather not get any glue on your fingers? Then get started online. As we said, there is a huge amount of inspiration on social media. And also further on the web, there are plenty of inspiration websites.

You can gather all the inspiration together and create a moodboard on an online platform like Canva or put together a 'board' on Pinterest. On top, this last medium helps by recommending images similar to the ones you have already saved on your board. As a result, you can easily find more inspiration that matches your interior design style.

Pinterest Riho

Some examples: Minimalist, boho or romantic

Do you like a clean, minimalist style? Then this mood board will definitely appeal to you. Our Scandic NXT shower radiates minimalism with its glass wall and subtle black hinges. The clean lines of the Bilbao bath and Thin Round wash bowls in solid surface complete the bathroom thanks to the matte pure look.

Moodboard bathroom 2 En

Or will you go for a trendy Boho bathroom where you can relax? The Bilbao freestanding bath and matching Escala wash bowls are now available in three new earth tones: Moss Green, Anthracite Matt or Pebble Grey. Result? A beautiful bathroom in concrete look. With matching decoration in wicker, you can create that Boho Ibiza atmosphere in your home.

bathroom moodboard 3 En

Would you like to create a romantic and cosy atmosphere in your bathroom? Then go for soft pink colours and wood tones. For example, you can choose a wood-look bathroom cabinet combined with a marble-look washbowl for a playful effect. The Bilo bath in solid surface, with its fine edges, is also a subtle eye-catcher.

bathroom Moodboard 1 En

Would you like to get started on creating a mood board for your bathroom? Then be sure to take a look at RIHO's Pinterest or Instagram for loads of inspiration!

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