Bathroom trends 2023: Discover them here!

07-11-2022 | Inspiration
Bathroom trends 2023: Discover them here!

The year is coming to an end and 2023 is in sight! A new year of course means lots of new bathroom trends that can inspire you for your own bathroom. Because the bathroom is no longer just a functional place, but a pleasant space that we like to decorate completely according to our taste.

Are you building or renovating? Then be sure to discover these 8 fashionable and tasteful bathroom trends for 2023 that we have listed for you! Just a hint: next year, natural materials and shades will take centre stage.

No 1. Classy marble trend

Marble is no longer only trendy in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom! Marble washbowls, bathroom furniture or tiles, the choice is yours. This print creates a stylish look. You also read about it in our article on the marble design bathroom.

Livit 02 Web marble washbowl bathroom trend energy saving tip water saving

No 2. Warm and stylish wood

Wood is an ongoing and therefore timeless trend in the bathroom world. As such, it is a mood setter that creates an instant sense of warmth and calm in the bathroom. You can, however, make your wooden bathroom furniture even more contemporary by combining it with a marble washbowl as below!

Showroom Marmic Bowls wood bathroom trend

No 3. Rounded and organic shapes

The bathroom trend that has already made its appearance this year and will score even more in 2023 are rounded shapes! From furniture to mirrors, round and organic shapes create a trendy and playful bathroom.

Riho Mirror Shield Round Atmospheric1 rounded bathroom mirror

No 4. Back to retro

Trends of the past often come back, and this is also true for the retro trend. Remember the pink tiles, gold taps or terrazzo floor in your grandparents' bathroom? Well all these things are returning! So a retro bathroom is perfect for the trendsetters among you.

Desire Back2Wall Detail Half Vrijstaand Bad Riho Web Retro Trend

No 5. Trendy and unique colours …

For those who find a white bath and wooden bathroom furniture a bit boring, we have good news! Hip trend colours will make their appearance in 2023. Are you a fan of green, terracotta or any other colour? Then be sure to keep an eye on our collections! Both for furniture and bathtubs 😉.

Riho Serie 50 Terracotta bathroom colour

No 6. … Or calm earthy tones

Do you prefer to keep your bathroom a little calm to completely relax? Then the natural bathroom trend is for you. Light earthy tones such as beige, taupe and brown are very popular. For extra peace in the bathroom, you can finish both the walls and the bathroom furniture in the same shade for a stylish ton-sur-ton effect.

Riho Valor Final earhty tones bathroom ton sur ton

No 7. Boho bathroom, today's trend

For this trend, we take you to Ibiza, where you find the Bohemian atmosphere and style. With beige tones, wooden elements and other natural materials, you bring the holiday feeling and nature inside. Choose, for example, a wooden bathroom cabinet, large round mirrors and decoration in wicker.

Inspire 180 Cesio Dov300Dpi Web Artikel boho bathroom

No 8. Shower enclosure with smoked glass

The most popular shower arrangement these days is the walk-in shower with glass shower screen. It creates a spacious feeling in your bathroom and also looks very stylish! The new trend in showers this year is the shower enclosure with smoked glass, also referred to as dark or black glass. This type of glass gives your bathroom an instant hotel look and offers a bit more privacy than clear glass. Soon our Scandic NXT shower enclosures will be available in Smoked glass!

Scandic Nxt Inloopdouche Glaswand Douchewand Rookglas Walk In Shower Smoked Glass Douche A l'italienne

Did these 2023 bathroom trends inspire you? Would you like to realise the trendy bathroom of your dreams? Make an appointment and feel free to visit our showrooms in Tilburg or Diest to discover our latest collections!

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