How to clean a shower? Discover our advice

24-05-2023 | Innovations
How to clean a shower? Discover our advice

The shower often gets a little less attention during cleaning. You use soap in the shower, so it automatically stays clean, right? It doesn't! Water and soap residue left behind lead to dirt. Think of limescale on taps and tiles and black or orange stains on grouting. Of course, we want to avoid that and keep our beautiful shower clean. With our cleaning tips and only minor interventions, you can keep your shower radiant and fresh! Find out below.

Clean and ventilate a bit every day

The secret to a shiny shower is to properly dry the walls and/or shower screen after every shower. This is how you prevent limescale and mould! And prevention is better and easier than cure. Remove soap residue, take all the water off the walls and tiles with a window squeegee and wipe everything dry with a soft cloth. And don't forget the taps! That way, limescale will not stand a chance.

After each shower, we also recommend to ventilate the bathroom sufficiently. Make sure there is a ventilation system and open a window for about 30 minutes to air the room properly.

Tips for cleaning your shower screen glass

In addition to minor interventions, once a week it is time for a thorough cleaning of all shower components, starting with the shower wall. This is because a glass shower enclosure or shower door is very prone to limescale. What do you need?

  • - Water
  • - All-purpose cleaner or vinegar
  • - Chamois leather
  • - Dry cloth

These things will help you remove limescale from your glass shower screen in no time. Mix some all-purpose cleaner or cleaning vinegar with water and use a chamois leather to clean the glass. Then dry the shower screen with a dry cloth. Do the same for the frame and joints of your shower. This will not only prevent limescale, but also yellow or orange stains from soap residue.

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How to clean a shower head?

Not only on your tap work, but limescale can also build up inside. Suddenly less water comes out of the shower head and you see that holes are clogged. It's important to descale the shower head regularly. Do you have one that you can unscrew easily? Then loosen it and put it in a bowl of cleaning vinegar overnight. The morning after, rinse it clean with water, dry and you can shower again under powerful jets of water.

Can't loosen the shower head? No problem! Then tie a bag of cleaning vinegar around it and let it soak overnight. In the morning, run some hot water through it and the job is done.

Cleaning your shower tray and keeping it clean

We've already cleaned the shower wall and taps, now it's time to clean the shower tray. An annoying but important little task is removing hair from the drain. The more often you do it, the less annoying and dirty it will be!

Cleaning the shower tray itself depends on the type of material. A synthetic shower floor is best cleaned with warm water, a soft sponge and a mild cleaner. Definitely avoid using harsh acids, vinegar or bleach, and also avoid abrasives as they can cause scratches. To remove limescale, you can use a citric acid-based product. After cleaning, rinse the shower tray with cold water.

A shower tray made of solid surface, a non-porous material, can also be cleaned with a soft sponge and mild detergent. To remove limescale, you can use an abrasive such as Cif, but again avoid aggressive acids. Rinse everything well with warm water after cleaning and dry the shower floor with a soft cloth.

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The tips in this article apply not only to cleaning the shower and taps, but also the bath. For more bath-specific cleaning advice, read our article with tips for cleaning all types of baths.

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