Easy storage in the bathroom: here's how!

07-11-2023 | Inspiration
Easy storage in the bathroom: here's how!

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in our homes, yet regrettably, it's often one of the smallest. With numerous toiletries, towels, and other essentials, keeping everything neat and organized can be quite a challenge.

In this blog post, we unveil some smart storage secrets that can help you make the most out of your bathroom. From space-saving furniture to clever organizational tips, we'll show you how to transform your bathroom into an organized and relaxing sanctuary.

Mirrored medicine cabinet: A multifunctional accessory

Our mirrored cabinets are perfect for creating extra space in a discreet manner. The shelves or compartments in a medicine cabinet also help keep your items organized, providing easy access to your toiletries, medicines, and other bathroom essentials. This saves time and effort as you won’t have to bend or stretch to reach for your items. A medicine cabinet, offering storage and a mirror in one, is a smart and versatile accessory that is a must-have for your bathroom.ea

Spiegelkast Type12 Top mirrored cabinet medicine cabinet

Niche: A handy spot for your shower and bath products

Another way to save space and keep your bathroom tidy is by installing an Alcove niche. This versatile shelving unit can be hung or recessed, providing easy access to your personal care products while keeping them neatly and stylishly stored. Alcove niches are available in various sizes, ensuring there's always a suitable spot for them in your bathroom.

Alcove Nissen Badkamer Bathroom Niches Salle De Bain Nisches Badezimmer

Bathroom cabinet with drawers: the key to smart storage

A bathroom cabinet with multiple drawers is indispensable in your bathroom design. Drawers not only offer ample storage space but also make it easy to categorize and organize your belongings, ensuring your bathroom remains tidy and uncluttered. Our drawer cabinets come in various colours and designs, ranging from trendy shades to wood-look and marble-effect designs. In short, drawer cabinets are the ultimate solution to keep your bathroom organized while adding style to your decor.

Livit Badkamermeubel Lades bathroom cabinet storage

Column cabinet: Efficient and stylish use of space

In addition to medicine cabinets, alcoves, and drawer cabinets, column cabinets are a fantastic addition to the bathroom. These slender, vertical storage solutions combine functionality and aesthetics, perfect for utilizing unused spaces, especially in narrower corners of the bathroom. Tall cabinets offer deeper storage and are ideal for storing towels, cleaning supplies, and even toilet paper. Their height maximizes vertical space without taking up much surface area.

In our furniture collections - Spring, Livit, and FromScratch, you'll find column cabinets that can be combined with a vanity unit from the same collection. Available in different styles, finishes, and heights.

Livit Showroom Marmic Bowls Marmeren Waskom Houten Badkamermeubel Marmer Web bathroom column cabinet

Practical and stylish bathroom furnishing with RIHO!

With these tips, you'll know how to transform your bathroom into an organized and relaxing sanctuary, because a tidy house brings peace to your mind. Choose from our range of medicine cabinets, Alcoves, drawer cabinets, and column cabinets to maximize your bathroom. Improve not just the storage but also the style and functionality of this essential space in your home. Go for practical and stylish - your bathroom deserves it! Explore our collections and create your ideal bathroom design.

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