Energy saving tips for the bathroom: start saving now

01-12-2022 | Inspiration
Energy saving tips for the bathroom: start saving now

More than ever, we’re looking for advice and tips to save energy. With energy prices exploding and the climate issue demanding our attention, we need to be conscious of our consumption. Here are six tips from us to save energy in the bathroom, a room in the house where we consume quite a bit of electricity and water.

Tip 1: Take a shower instead of a bath

Nothing like enjoying a nice long hot bath. Unfortunately, our bank accounts like it a little less. Every time we take a bath we use, on average, 150 to even 200 litres of water, whereas a shower uses only 60 litres.

So keep your bathing moments to a minimum or enjoy them together with your partner 😉.

Gd400 Lucid Black 3 bathroom energy saving shower
Gd203 Lucid White No Towel 3 energy saving tip shower bathroom

Tip 2: Water-saving shower head or thermostatic tap

It's also best to limit your showers to about five minutes to save water. Still want to enjoy a little longer under the hot water jets? Then install a water-saving shower head. This will save about 20% of water and energy than a typical shower head!

Another option is a thermostatic tap. It contains, as the name suggests, a thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of the water. Very handy because you can easily turn the tap hotter or colder with a single knob ánd this tap also saves water. After all, you don't have to turn on a hot and cold tap and let it mix to the right temperature.

Tip 3: Insulate your bathtub

For those who still like to spend their me-time moments in the bath, we have a handy tip. To save water and energy, you can insulate your bath, at least if you have a built-in bath. Then the bath water will stay hot longer and you won't have to add extra hot water as often!

Do you still prefer a freestanding bath to a built-in one? Our collections of freestanding bathtubs in acrylic or solid surface are also well insulated. Make sure you read our last tip!

Rethink Space 01 01 Lr insulated built in bathtub

Tip 4: Choose energy saving bathroom lights

Another element where you can save energy is lighting. Nowadays, you can install LED lighting throughout the house, and this is also a smart choice in the bathroom.

This type of lighting uses less energy and lasts longer than low-energy bulbs, for example. So choose wisely and go for LED mirror lighting. Want more tips and advice on bathroom lighting? Then read our article on which lighting to choose for the bathroom.

Tip 5: Don’t leave the tap running

You know the drill, we brush our teeth, wash our hands or face and meanwhile the tap keeps running. As a result, we have certainly wasted a lot of water. And if that water is hot, it also costs energy.

A simple tip is therefore to stop the tap from running unnecessarily and use cold water more often.

ceramic washbasin bathroom

Tip 6: Blissful bathing in a sustainable acrylic or solid surface bathtub

This last tip is one for those who want to save energy in the bathroom while still relaxing in a (semi) freestanding or built-in bath.

Our baths in acrylic or solid surface are a sustainable choice for your bathroom. Acrylic is a high quality, easy to maintain material that retains heat. This makes it an well insulated bathtub that keeps your bathwater warm for a long time.

The same applies to solid surface baths. This material is durable and insulating because it consists of the same high-quality material through and through. Moreover, its production has a small ecological footprint. So it's good for the environment!

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