How to clean your bathtub? Discover our tips

03-03-2023 | Innovations
How to clean your bathtub? Discover our tips

To fully enjoy a nice bath, your bathtub must first and foremost be clean. You don't want to wash your clothes in a dirty washing machine either, right?

If you don't clean your bath properly, dirt and bacteria accumulate and we don't want that! That's why in this article we will explain to you how to clean your bathtub.

Whether you have an acrylic or Solid Surface bathtub or a whirlpool bath in your bathroom, we will explain how to clean and maintain it! This is because each material requires specific maintenance.

Why clean your bathtub?

After every bath, soap residue, bacteria and skin scales are left behind in your bathtub. Just rinsing with water is often not enough to remove all this dirt.

What's more, limescale builds up and makes it harder to get rid of it. To avoid this and keep your tub clean, you should clean it thoroughly at least once a week.

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How to clean an acrylic bathtub?

After each bath, it is best to rinse your acrylic bathtub with warm and then cold water. Do not forget to dry the tub with a soft cloth.

For weekly cleaning of your acrylic bathtub, all you need is a soft cleaning cloth and a mild all-purpose cleaner. Clean the tub thoroughly and rinse everything. Then dry the bath properly with a soft cloth to prevent limescale formation.

Do not use aggressive products such as acid, chlorine, ammonia, bleach and abrasives. The latter create fine scratches, which we obviously want to avoid!

Acrylic is less sensitive to limescale, but it can still occur due to poor maintenance. In that case, you can use a citric acid-based cleaning product and a soft cloth. After cleaning, rinse with cold water to remove all residues. This is how you prolong the life and beauty of your acrylic bathtub!

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Cleaning a Solid Surface bath

There are specific rules for cleaning a Solid Surface bathtub. The water you use should not be warmer than 60°C. You should also avoid aggressive decalcifiers, chloroform, ketones, acetone, methylene chloride and strong acids. An abrasive can be used, because Solid Surface is scratch-resistant, unlike acrylic.

After using a Solid Surface bathtub, rinse with warm and then cold water and dry the bath well with a soft cloth.

For thorough cleaning, again a bathroom cleaner and a soft cloth are sufficient. After cleaning, wipe again with a dry cloth and your bath is clean!

Every Solid Surface bathtub comes with a maintenance set as standard. You can easily use this if small scratches occur. Go over the spot in a circular motion and your bath looks like new again!

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How to clean your Whirlpool bath

After each use, the same maintenance applies as for ordinary bathtubs in acrylic or Solid Surface. But a thorough cleaning works slightly differently with massage baths.

Soap residue, skin scales and other dirt not only get into the edges of your bath, but also into the pipes and jets.

We therefore recommend cleaning your massage bath thoroughly 1-2 times a month (depending on use). To do this, fill the bath completely with water and add a suitable Whirlpool cleaner.

Our Whirlpool Thermae baths include a cleaning function as standard. You can also choose an acrylic bathtub where we build in our Rihopool Bliss system. This system includes a handy cleaning function Riho Clean: a reservoir you can fill with our optimal cleaning fluid Riho Clean-Plus. So your favourite bubble bath lasts extra long!

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Would you like more info on our bathtubs or do you have a specific question? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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