5 ideas for your small bathroom: Discover our expert advice

24-10-2022 | Inspiration
5 ideas for your small bathroom: Discover our expert advice

Living smaller is the new trend. Whether in a flat or a house, spaces are getting smaller and so we need to think about the best possible design. Designing a small bathroom in particular can be a challenge. We want a shower, bathroom furniture and preferably also a bath in which we can happily unwind.

With our tips, this is certainly possible, without your bathroom looking cluttered! We are happy to help you furnish your small bathroom. Discover our advice and inspiring ideas in this article.

How best to furnish and arrange a small bathroom?

From the appropriate furniture to multifunctional accessories, a small bathroom requires creative thinking.

As a bathroom manufacturer and expert, we are happy to help you design it in the best possible way. We give some ideas for products you can use in your small bathroom.

Idea 1: Compact bath for a small bathroom

A large freestanding bathtub combined with a spacious walk-in shower is not really feasible in a small bathroom. After all, you won't be able to find peace and relaxation in a crowded bathroom.

You can, however, go for a stylish compact freestanding bathtub. And yes, even a smaller bath is comfortable. At Riho, we combine style and comfort. Choose, for example, our 150 x 75 cm Bilbao bathn, the 160 x 75 cm Inspire freestanding bath or the 170 x 77 cm Desire Corner bathtub.

Inspire160 Vrijstaand Bad Klein small freestanding bathtub

Idea 2: Modern bath-shower combination

To save extra space and make the most of your bathroom, it is best to go for a shower-tub combination. With the help of a bath screen, you can shower splash-free and enjoy a bath if you want.

If you go for this option, you can choose a slightly larger bath in which you will be extra comfortable. We have a wide range of modern bath screens, such as the Grid and Lucid.

Lucid Gd501 Sfeer bath screen Badscherm Douchescherm Glas Zwart Riho

Idea 3: Glass shower cabin

For the shower, it's best to choose a shower cabin to save space. This will leave enough room for a bath. You certainly don't have to compromise on style here either, because today we offer a lot of contemporary shower cabins.

Do you like a cool and industrial style? Then our Grid shower will definitely appeal to you. Are you more of a fan of minimalist and sleek interiors? Then the Lucid and Scandic NXT shower cabins might be something for you. The latter consists entirely of glass, which creates a spatial effect in your bathroom. Very clever in a small space!

Livit Stone Slim 11 Grid Shower Cabin Velvet Sole Showerfloor Atmospheric Photo 4

Idea 4: Bathroom cabinet with washbowl and 1.5 drawers

In our bathroom furniture collection, we have also thought of the smaller bathrooms.

For those who cannot fit a wide piece of furniture but still want plenty of storage space, there is the Livit In Between. This is a contemporary bathroom cabinet with 1.5 drawers. The drawer is higher, giving more space to store things and an inner shelf has also been added for small items. This furniture is available in 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 and 160 cm width.

Combine this furniture with a washbowl and you'll save extra space! Because the basin is not built-in, you keep all the space in your cabinets for storing things. Combine the Livit furniture with a matching Livit washbowl or another from our collection washbasins.

Livit Inbetween Lr badkamermeubel hoog high bathroom unit vanity

Idea 5: Mirrored cabinet with lighting

A bathroom is of course not complete without a mirror, the item that can really make your small bathroom look bigger! This is because the reflection gives your bathroom an extra dimension.

In addition, the mirror can also be a multifunctional accessory! In fact, there are mirrored cabinets. Very useful for storing your body and face products. This saves space in the bathroom cabinet for all other items, such as towels.

For a spacious experience, also think carefully about the light in your bathroom. If there is not enough daylight, it is best to provide appropriate bathroom lighting.

For general lighting, we recommend ceiling lights as they don't affect the sense of height. To enhance the sense of length and make the bathroom seem more spacious, you can add indirect lighting, such as mirror lighting.

Livit Mirrow Closet Type12 Detail Lr 2 mirrored cabinet

Would you like tailor-made advice?

As you have read, you can certainly furnish a small bathroom with stylish products. Do you have any specific questions about your bathroom or our products? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help.

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