Livit bathroom furniture for a stylish, marble-look bathroom

14-12-2021 | Innovations
Livit bathroom furniture for a stylish, marble-look bathroom

A stylish high-quality bathroom with unique details, that is Livit. You are choosing a qualitative, modular furniture concept with a modern and contemporary touch, beautiful decors, including the marble look, and attractive thin drawer fronts. This year we are adding some new features to the collection, such as the ceramic marble basins and the Livit in between chests of drawers.

The collection is built around beautiful sinks and top bowls that can be combined with a base cabinet, frame or both. We always offer the possibility of creating your own combination. Create the furniture that completely suits your customers' tastes and wishes.

This year, we are adding some novelties to the bathroom collection, including ceramic marble basins and Livit In Between drawer cabinets. Discover it below!

Livit In Between: Modern furniture with 1 large drawer

In addition to the already existing chests of drawers with 1 or 2 drawers, we are adding the Livit In Between to the collection. Here, we create a piece of furniture with 1 large drawer. The height of the furniture corresponds to 1.5 drawers. Therefore, in terms of size, this furniture fits perfectly between the furniture with 1 and 2 drawers.

An extra addition to this version is the option of an inner tray. With this, we create extra space so that you can easily store small items.

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Marble in the bathroom with our marble washbowls

Be sure to discover our brand new marble-look washbasins in beautiful ceramic. Combined with our stylish decors, this delivers a classy piece of furniture for everyone's bathroom. The washbasins are available in white and black marble finishes. Each in three different shapes: round, oval and rectangular.

F70122 Marmic Bowl Round Matt White Marble
F70121 Marmic Bowl Oval Matt White Marble
F70123 Marmic Bowl Rectangle Matt White Marble
F70125 Marmic Bowl Round Matt Black Marble
F70124 Marmic Bowl Oval Matt Black Marble
F70126 Marmic Bowl Rectangle Matt Black Marble

Marble wood decors: a complete modern marble look

We completely extend the line of marble basins to our decors. You can combine our wood decors with a light or dark marble finish. Give your bathroom an extra luxurious look with the addition of these marble details to your bathroom furniture.

Discover the Livit collection

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