Livit wash bassins and bowls

15-11-2021 | Inspiration
Livit wash bassins and bowls

A stylish quality bathroom with unique details, that is Livit. New this year are our new ceramic marble basins and the Livit in between chests of drawers. With Livit, you are opting for a high-quality, modular furniture concept with a modern and contemporary touch, beautiful decors and attractive thin drawer fronts.

The collection is built around splendid washbasins and counter tops that can be combined with a base cabinet, frame or both. Be sure to discover our brand new ceramic basins in a beautiful marble finish. Combined with our stylish decors, this provides a classy piece of furniture for everyone's bathroom. Also check out the new decors with wood and marble combined.

Besides the already existing drawer cabinets with 1 or 2 drawers, we will add the 1.5 drawer cabinets to the collection in 2022. Here we create an extra storage compartment inside for small items.

Furthermore, we still offer the possibility to create your own combination. Create the piece of furniture that suits your taste and wishes. You will find all loose elements and accessories in the relevant chapters.

Glaze Top Website 1

Livit Glaze Top

Robust, straight and charming. That is Livit Glaze Top. Minimalist modern, cosy rural or tough industrial? Whatever style you choose, this washbasin will give your bathroom a soft, warm twist. That is the power of ceramics.

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Velvet Slim Website 1

Livit Velvet Slim

The Livit Velvet Slim brings delicate, pure lines into your bathroom. The minimalist built-in washbasin has a remarkably warm appearance. It owes this to the rounded shapes of the basin and the soft, matt finish.

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Velvet Top Website 02

Livit Velvet Top

The Livit Velvet Top, with its sleek design, brings balance, tranquillity and harmony. The matt finish radiates luxury and design. The rounded corners of the inner bowl ensure pleasant handling and easy maintenance.

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Stone Slim Website 04

Livit Stone Slim

Natural materials have an unadulterated charm. You can bring that into your home with the Livit Stone Slim. Even though it is made of synthetic material, the sink has the look and texture of slate. The rough relief contrasts beautifully with the smooth interior.

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Stone Top Website 01

Livit Stone Top

With Livit Stone Top you choose the natural look and texture of slate, while enjoying the practical properties of plastic. The polished inner bowl contrasts perfectly with the rough structure of the surround.

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Livit Slate Banner Image

Livit Opzetkommen

Livit's Slate and marble washbasins are available in round, oval and square shapes. The washbowls are a beautiful eye-catcher in your bathroom. The washbowls are easy to maintain.

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