Grid shower walls and doors: robust and atmospheric!

11-02-2019 | Inspiration
Grid shower walls and doors: robust and atmospheric!

A Grid shower wall is a real eyecatcher in your bathroom. Super cool and atmospheric! Totally trendy thanks to the industrial home-decoration trend. You are sure to find a Grid shower wall to suit your taste and your bathroom. After all, Grid is available in 6 different styles and each one comes in 3 or 4 dimensions.

Of course we want comfortable, but it needs to look good too. Grid does both! The doors of the cabin open both inwards and outwards. This means that you won’t stop smiling as you climb in the shower. The walls are made of 6mm glass which is fully integrated into the profile. This means it stays where it should. All safe and sound! Furthermore, the shower walls can be quickly and hygienically cleaned. They look so robust on the outside but feel so refined from within. Indeed, the inside of the wall is totally smooth. Surprised? The robust steel frames and remarkable rough nuts on the outside gave quite the opposite impression.

Product characteristics

• Black details
• Industrial look
• Glass is entirely enclosed in a profile
• Glass is 6mm thick
• Profiles are power-coated aluminium
• Extremely stable
• Simple to install
• Option to open both inwards and outwards
• The inside is smooth and features a transparent coating, making it easy and hygienic to clean

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