Discover your Rihopool!

07-09-2020 | Inspiration
Discover your Rihopool!

Rihopools are available in four whirlpool systems: Air, Flow, Joy and Bliss. Ranging from good to advanced. All with the familiar Riho quality and allure. All have a modern touchscreen and the possibility to light up your bath.

With the Joy and Bliss Rihopools you can even turn your bath into a speaker. Connect with a device and listen to your favourite music in the bathroom.

It's up to you! What's your choice, Air for more energy, Flow for rest, Joy to enjoy or Bliss to relax and have fun...

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Rihopool Bliss: Relax and have fun!


The Rihopools with a Bliss system have a 10-key touch control with LCD screen in order to:

- switch a mood light on and off and selecting a colour or a colour rotation programme to create the desired atmosphere (colour therapy)-turn on and off relaxing bubbles to relax and unwind- choose one of the 5 positions for the relaxing bubbles- switch the relaxing massage jets on and off in the back, side and at the feet for extra vitality- turn the radio or Bluetooth on and off to listen to music, either directly or via a paired device- turn the heating on to keep the water nice and warm- switch on the cleaning cycle to clean and keep the system and pipes hygienic- turn the child lock on or off or to navigate between different options such as radio transmitters, sound volume and aero levels- select music stations, adjusting the sound volume and switching between songs

Characteristics:- Standard 16 aerojets- 5 Intensity settings for aero- Standard 6 side, 6 back and 4 foot hydrojets- 1 Colour therapy- Electronic control (10 buttons)- Automatic dry blowing function- Manual dry blowing function- Music/bluetooth + radio function- Cleaning function- Heating function- Child lock function

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