Plug & Play bathtubs

15-12-2021 | Innovations
Plug & Play bathtubs

With a number of Riho acrylic built-in baths you can choose a 'Plug & Play' option. The long and short sides of the bath are then fitted with seamlessly glued panels in the same acrylic material as the bath. A bathtub conversion is then no longer necessary. You create a semi free-standing bath with a modern, fresh look.

Your benefits

  • Fast installation, pre-assembled with a set of feet: "Plug & Play
  • Bathtub can simply be placed on the bathroom floor
  • Floor tiles can continue to be laid
  • When renovating, the bath can be placed over the old bath position
  • No grouting and limited number of caulking seams
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Insulated surround (low heat loss)

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