Riho Fall

14-01-2022 | Innovations
Riho Fall

Riho Fall is a bath filler hidden in the overflow of the bath. A faucet without a faucet, so to speak. The bath filler is stylishly sleek and flat in the bath wall and fits into any modern bathroom. No loose or protruding faucets.

Chrome Riho Fall
Matt Black Riho Fall
Brushed Riho Fall
Matt White Riho Fall


The bath is filled with a generous water flow of 20 litres per minute (at 2.5 bar water pressure). The Riho Fall works in combination with a mixer tap which ensures the desired temperature of the water supply, this can be placed at any desired position in the bathroom. The bath filler is delivered assembled with a 1 metre long flexible hose with 1/2" (female) coupling to make the installation 'plug and play'.


Excess bathwater is drained from under the bath filler through the overflow opening. A check valve prevents dirty water from entering the drinking water system. This prevents dirty water from entering the bathtub filler.


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Riho Fall
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