Riho Fall

17-07-2020 | Innovations
Riho Fall

Riho Fall is a bath filler hidden in the overflow of the bath. A faucet without a faucet, so to speak. The bath filler is stylishly sleek and flat in the bath wall and fits into any modern bathroom. No loose or protruding faucets.

The bath filler is available in stylish, shiny chrome and robust brushed steel. It is very easy to clean. The bath is filled with a generous water supply of 20 litres per minute (at a water pressure of 2.5 bar). Riho Fall works in combination with a mixer tap that ensures the desired water inlet temperature. The mixer faucet can be placed at any desired position in the bathroom. The bath filler is supplied assembled including (female) coupling for the installation.

Riho Fall is available for: Adore, Desire, Inspire, Modesty and the baths in the Still series.

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