Rihopool: Joy whirlpool system

28-08-2019 | Inspiration
Rihopool: Joy whirlpool system

Rihopool Joy: to enjoy

The Rihopools with a Joy system have a 4-key touch control for:

• turning the mood light on and off and selecting a fixed color or color rotation program to create the desired atmosphere (color therapy)
• turning the relaxing bubbles on and off, a choice of 5 positions
• turning the relaxing hydro jets for the back, side and feet on or off
• turning the Bluetooth function on and off, for listening to your favorite music

Technical specifications

Rihopool Joy Topview

Joy: Enjoy!

• Standard version: 14 air jets
• 5 intensity settings for air jets
• Standard version: 6 side, 6 back and 2 feet hydro jets
• 1 color therapy lamp
• Electronic control (4 key)
• Automatic dry-blow-function for air jets
• Manual dry-blow-function for air jets
• Music/Bluetooth function

Rihopool Joy Elements
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