Create a minimalist bathroom design with our bathroom collections

16-02-2022 | Innovations
Create a minimalist bathroom design with our bathroom collections

A serene, calming look. That's how you can describe a minimalist bathroom design. We at Riho are a big fan of this style! After all, a bathroom is the place in the house where we enjoy me-time with a long shower or a nice hot bath. Unnecessary items in the bathroom could disturb our relaxing moment. Time for a minimalist design!

How to create a minimalist bathroom?

Few things and simplicity does not mean that a minimalist bathroom is boring or tasteless, on the contrary! You can leave your own mark by giving the bathroom a sleek and modern touch. How? For example, with our seamless Scandic NXT shower walls, doors and cabins.

1. Scandic NXT minimalist shower enclosure

This collection of seamless shower walls and doors radiates minimalism! This is because of the frameless walls and hidden screws. Your shower seems to float in your bathroom and is almost invisible! No prominent shower enclosure in the bathroom, but one that makes the room seem much more spacious and open.

Scandic Nxt X204 01

The subtle chrome or matte black attachment points and hinges give your seamless shower a sleek and modern touch at the same time! The result? A minimalist and unique bathroom where you can truly unwind.

Detail Zwart
Detail Chroom

2. Solid surface freestanding bathtub

You can relax completely in a solid surface bathtub. Go for a freestanding bath as an eye-catcher in your minimalist bathroom design, without disturbing the serene atmosphere. This is because the organic round shapes and matte white finish convey simplicity and class. Choose between different shapes, from oval to asymmetrical.

Toledo Cam01 Lr solid surface freestanding bath matt white

3. Solid surface washbasins

Complete the minimalist picture with washbasins in Solid Surface material. Like the baths, these are available in a variety of natural, organic shapes. For example, choose a matte white freestanding bath with matching washbowl. A minimalist bathroom has never been so stylish!

Inspire160 Avella Z09 Solid Surface matt white washbowl

Is a minimalist bathroom design something for you?

Our minimalist shower screens, baths and washbasins will bring peace to your home and to your mind! Come discover them in one of our distribution points or contact us for more information.

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