Size doesn’t matter – 5 hacks for a small bathroom

27-08-2019 | Inspiration
Size doesn’t matter – 5 hacks for a small bathroom

Do you, like many others, have a small bathroom? And no idea how to make this small space feel spacious? Then read on and discover our 5 hacks that will help you to sit back and enjoy your bathroom after a busy day at work.

#1 - The compact duo

No chance of both a bath and a shower in such a small bathroom? Think again! These days you can find plenty of bath and shower combinations, such as the Still Showering. It’s just the job for a long, luxurious bath after a busy day, or a quick shower after your morning run. Replace the traditional shower curtain with a glass partition and you’ll stop water from ending up on the floor and maintain a spacious feeling. Winner!

Still Shower Detail 02 Lr

#2 – Space savers

A mirror cabinet takes up no extra space but does provide additional storage. Handy for tidying away your toothbrush, face creams and shaving gear. A mirror cabinet also makes your bathroom look bigger, especially when you choose one with mirrors on the sides.

Spiegelkast Type12 Top

#3 – See the light

Light colours make a room appear larger, and this also applies to bathrooms. Choose light walls and tiles to achieve this effect. We also recommend using larger tiles. The joints are therefore less visible, which creates a sense of calm and also makes the room look bigger. Still want some colour and some playful touches in the bathroom? Use different materials and textures to make your bathroom more interesting. Add a few extra accessories in a beautiful accent colour to top things off and that's it!

#4 – Think smart

Don’t be fooled, a large basin is not necessarily more practical. A small and elegant basin can also be very practical. Certainly when it is combined with a unit that fits nicely underneath. Choose a lower cupboard that is less deep and has drawers instead of doors. This saves space but still allows you to store your towels and hairdryer in the drawers.

Slimline Sfeer

#5 – (p)interesting

If you think the tips are handy but you’re still considering how to combine things properly, then Pinterest is the place to be. Get inspiration and create your own mood board. You’ll soon have all kinds of ideas on how to renovate your bathroom or give it a refreshing makeover.

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