11-02-2019 | Inspiration

Soak up some serenity!

Some wonderful relaxation after a long day at work? That naturally calls for a bath! With the new Still Collection the best bath experience is now better than ever. The Still bath combines a serene design with considerable comfort. After all, a bathtub is not only the eyecatcher in your new bathroom, it is also the place where you retreat for some daily relaxation. A bath which feels as comfortable as your favourite sofa. So sit back and relax!

Design pur sang

The minimalistic design with its sleek lines and clear contours means there is no place for frills on this modest model. It’s all about your bath experience, that’s it. Did you know that the edge of the bath is only 2 cm high? This means that the Still bath can be built in super stylishly. Both the overflow and the drain are integrated in the design in a special way. Harmony is guaranteed thanks to the removal of any potentially disruptive elements. Less is more! Excess bathwater automatically flows through the neatly-finished overflow. The square push-open drain is subtly set into the bottom of the bath. Smart design carried out to perfection.

Still Square Led Sfeer

Spa at home

Top off your bath-time experience with a specially-designed headrest and bath tray. The headrest’s invisible magnetic attachment alone is a masterpiece. Even more special is the option to use the headrest as bath lighting. Ambiance assured! The light can be dimmed to suit your particular mood. No knobs or buttons, just a single hand movement is all you need to activate the light using the sensor concealed under the edge of the bath. So…lay your head on the pillow and dream away.

The bath tray features two easy handles and a bamboo shelf. Ideal to keep your favourite products handy as you relax in the bath.
Favourite bath oil, check! Favourite music, check! Glass of wine, double check!

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