What should I look out for when choosing a walk-in shower?

24-08-2023 | Inspiration
What should I look out for when choosing a walk-in shower?

Renovating your bathroom or designing a completely new one? Most people choose a walk-in shower these days. The sleek and open design not only adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom, but also makes the shower accessible and functional. Choosing the right walk-in shower requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure an optimal showering experience. In this article, we cover some essential questions you may have when choosing a walk-in shower.

1. How much space do you need for a walk-in shower?

How much space you need for a walk-in shower depends on the layout of your bathroom and your personal preferences. In general, a walk-in shower needs at least a shower tray of 80x80 centimetres for a comfortable showering experience. With this space, you can move around freely and there is enough room for the shower head, controls and extra features such as a seat or storage space.

If you have a spacious bathroom, consider a larger walk-in shower. A larger walk-in shower not only improves functionality but also creates a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere, making your bathing experience more enjoyable.

how much space for walk in shower

2. How long should the wall of a walk-in shower be?

The length of the shower screen depends mainly on the available space and the desired design. For a walk-in shower, we recommend a shower enclosure of at least 85 cm. This ensures easy entry and exit and is ideal for smaller bathrooms or making the best use of space.

For larger bathrooms, consider double-sided walk-in showers or even U-shaped configurations, with wall lengths of up to 180 cm. These designs offer enough space for multiple shower heads, seating and more luxurious shower experiences.

3. What is the ideal height for a shower enclosure?

Shower enclosure height is another crucial factor to ensure privacy, prevent water splashing and create a comfortable shower space. All our walk-in shower walls have an ideal height of 200 cm. This height not only ensures privacy, but also helps keep water inside the shower room. Our glass shower screens also create a spacious feeling and allow light to enter everywhere, including the shower.

ideal height walk in shower screen

4. Where do you place the shower head?

The placement of the shower head is essential for an optimal shower experience. In a walk-in shower, the shower head is usually mounted on the wall opposite the entrance. This location provides enough room to move around and helps prevent water from reaching the entrance directly, reducing your risk of splashing water outside the shower.

If you opt for a larger walk-in shower, consider installing multiple shower heads at different heights to create a rainfall-like effect or to accommodate the height of each family member.

5. How do I make sure no water splashes out of the walk-in shower?

To keep your bathroom dry and safe, it is important that splashing water stays inside the shower. As mentioned above, our shower screens with a height of 200 cm keep water inside the shower. In addition, choose a shower screen with a side panel, such as our Lucid 402 Swing, to prevent water splashing outside the shower area. What also helps is a shower head with adjustable pressure, which allows you to control the water flow. Lowering the water pressure as needed can help reduce splashing.

walk in shower enclosure screen

End result? A functional yet stylish shower

When choosing the perfect walk-in shower, consider several factors to suit your specific needs and preferences. Remember to ensure you have enough space, determine the right length and height of the shower enclosure, strategically position the shower head and take measures to prevent water splashing. By paying attention to these important aspects, you can create a functional, stylish and pleasant walk-in shower that will improve the overall look of your bathroom and your daily shower routine.

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