A truly desirable bath!

11-02-2019 | Inspiration
A truly desirable bath!
Desire Corner Sfeer

Happiness is just around the corner

Besides the back-2-wall variant, the Desire collection also features a corner solution. The Desire Corner bath can be placed in either a left or a right-hand corner. The fact it does not need to be tiled in makes installation extremely quick and simple. The roomy outer and inner dimensions have been specially selected to allow somewhat larger men and women to enjoy a wonderful bath. There’s also room for two!


The fact that Desire baths do not need to be tiled in makes installation extremely quick and simple. Even more handy is the fact that the bath is supplied with a set of legs and drain. Simply pop it against the wall and it’s ready! Ready for some relaxation…

Free-standing baths are popular. However, not all bathrooms suit the installation of a free-standing bath. Did you know that a semi free-standing bath is the perfect solution? This allows you to create the spacious feeling in your bathroom, without compromising on convenience. The best of both worlds!

A truly desirable bath!

Looking for a back-2-wall bath? Then look no further than Desire! The bath measures 180 x 84 cm and is made of high-quality sanitary porcelain. This material always feels warm and is easy to maintain. Win-win! Just like all other Riho products, the Desire bath has a high-quality finish. Years of bath-time pleasure are guaranteed.

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