Which lighting to choose for your bathroom? Discover our tips

18-01-2023 | Innovations
Which lighting to choose for your bathroom? Discover our tips

The bathroom is where we spend some time, both in the morning and in the evening. It’s often dark outside at those moments and not enough daylight comes in. This is why it’s important to install the right lighting in your bathroom.

Brushing your teeth, cleaning your face, applying make-up, putting in contact lenses, taking a shower - the bathroom is the room in the house where we do many different things. For all these different things, you need the right lighting. But which lighting is best to choose?

In this article, we will help you draw up the lighting plan for your bathroom. What type of lighting and how many light points should you install? You will discover it all here!

How many light points do I foresee in the bathroom?

The right number of lighting points obviously depends on the size of your bathroom. But in your bathroom, you take a bath to relax, a quick shower or do your make-up at the sink, for instance. So make sure each part or piece of furniture is well lit.

You can choose a central light point that you can aim at your furniture and your bath for example, a light point above your vanity for mirror lighting and a last one in the shower.

Riho Mirror Shield Round Atmospheric2 Mirror lighting bathroom

What kind of lamps should I install?

There are different types of lights on the market, especially for the bathroom. You have spotlights, ceiling, pendant, wall, mirror lights and more!

Find out below which lights are best to place in your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors with lighting

The type of lighting that should definitely not be missing in your bathroom is mirror lighting. Thanks to this lighting, you have a direct light source on your mirror and your face. Super convenient for applying make-up, for example. Moreover, it also creates extra atmosphere in your bathroom. Ideal if you want to take a cosy bath!

Verlichting Type07 Sfeer bathroom mirror lighting

Bathroom LED lighting

These days, you see LED lighting popping up everywhere. It’s a very sustainable and energy-efficient choice. LED bulbs last much longer than energy-saving bulbs, for instance. So also in the bathroom, it’s best to choose for this type of lighting. The choice of ceiling lamps in this type of lighting is huge!

Today, you also have LED lighting in all kinds of colour temperatures. So your bathroom doesn't have to be bathed in bright white light. No, you can create the atmosphere you want! At Riho, all our mirror lighting is LED as standard.

Create extra atmosphere with lighting under the bathtub

You can make your bathroom extra cozy with lighting under your bathtub. Some of our baths are available with LED lighting around the bathtub, such as the Desire Back-2-Wall, which you can see in the photo below. Go for extra peace and relaxation!

Desire Back2Wall Led Sfeer bathtub led lighting

Spot(s) in the shower

One place in the bathroom where people often forget to place lights is the shower! It's best to provide some light here so you definitely don't reach for the shower gel to wash your hair 😉. For in the shower, recessed spotlights are most suitable as they are well protected against water.

What colour lighting in the bathroom?

The colour of spotlights or other lamps in your bathroom depends entirely on the atmosphere you want to create there. Do you want to illuminate everything perfectly and see every detail? Then the light colour cool white is most appropriate. If you want to create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere, you will prefer a warm white colour.

Verlichting Type09 Sfeer mirror lighting bathroom atmosphere

Of course, you can also use different colours in your bathroom. At your bathroom mirror you might choose a functional cool colour and as central lighting and in the shower a warm colour.

You can mount our lamps on any mirror cabinet of ours. An atmospheric bathroom guaranteed!

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