Scandic NXT X109V

Glass thickness 8 mm
Glass type Scandic NXT
Version bath shower partition

Universal bath wall, intended for rectangular bath tubs, with RIHO-Shield (8 mm tempered glass x 1500 mm). The door is equipped with a lifting mechanism and has an opening to the outside. Can be fixed to the wall with two brass hinges. Available in both directions and two finishes: chrome or matte black.

Some baths are not compatible with whirlpool systems. Please contact us for further details.

Assembly instructions

📄 SCANDIC NXT X109V Universal bath wall

📄 Installation and maintenance instructions for glass

📄 Product datasheet

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Scandic X109V
Scandic M109 V
  • Scandic X109V
  • Scandic M109 V
High quality High quality
 Provided with Riho Shield Provided with Riho Shield


Article number Size
GX06042C1 150 x 85 cm Left
GX06042C2 150 x 85 cm Right
GX06052C1 150 x 90 cm Left
GX06052C2 150 x 90 cm Right
GX06062C1 150 x 95 cm Left
GX06062C2 150 x 95 cm Right
GX06072C1 150 x 100 cm Left
GX06072C2 150 x 100 cm Right
GX06042B1 150 x 85 cm Left, Black
GX06042B2 150 x 85 cm Right, Black
GX06052B1 150 x 90 cm Left, Black
GX06052B2 150 x 90 cm Right, Black
GX06062B1 150 x 95 cm Left, Black
GX06062B2 150 x 95 cm Right, Black
GX06072B1 150 x 100 cm Left, Black
GX06072B2 150 x 100 cm Right, Black