Below you will find the most common Service questions, together with the relevant answers. We believe these will help you find an answer to your question concerning your RIHO product.

However, should you still require further information after consulting this list, please contact RIHO's Service Department.

The Netherlands: service@riho.nl

Belgium: service@riho.be

  • Who do I need to contact with my service request?

    If a product is still under guarantee, the Service notification should always be handled via the RIHO distributor. Not directly with RIHO.

    For service notifications after the guarantee period has expired you may contact RIHO directly.

  • Can I also make a service notification via WhatsApp?

    No, at the moment it is not possible to contact us via WhatsApp.
    You can send your questions or remarks to info@riho.nl or info@riho.be. We will be happy to help you.

  • The lights on my RIHO whirlpool are not working. What can I do?

    Before we deliver a bath with a whirlpool system, we test the bath thoroughly in our factory. Despite this meticulous process, a fault may still be caused during transport or assembly. However, in many cases there is a simple solution.

    1. Check whether there is sufficient water in the bath. For whirlpool systems Pro 6, Pro 7, Pro 8 and Lux 8 the bath must be filled to above the back jets. If the water level is too low, the lights will not work.

    2. The lighting button needs to be held down for a while. After pressing for about 3 seconds, the lights will go on.

  • Where exactly should the service hatches and ventilation grids (whirlpool bath) be installed?

    We always supply a user manual together with our whirlpool baths. This describes how and where service hatches and ventilation grids should be installed. This information is also available online, on the 'Downloads' page.

  • What do I do when I want to clean my whirlpool system?

    We always supply a user manual together with our whirlpool baths. This tells you how to clean the whirlpool system. This information is also available online, on the 'Downloads' page.

  • What is the guarantee period for my RIHO product?

    All RIHO products are covered by a guarantee. Below you will find the guarantee period per product (group) for moderate, normal use.

    - Acrylic baths and shower floors: 10 years on acrylic
    - Whirlpool baths and Thermae: whirlpool system 3 years (installed by a licensed installer) and 10 years on acrylic
    - Easypool baths 3 years
    - Solid Surface products: 5 years
    - Bathroom furniture: 5 years
    - Shower doors and walls: 3 years

  • Are instruction videos available?

    Instruction videos are available for a number of RIHO products. These can be viewed on our YouTube channel:

    RIHO YouTube

  • Can I purchase directly from RIHO?

    RIHO does not sell products directly to consumers. We have an extensive dealer network, where consumers are able to purchase RIHO products. A summary of our partners can be found on the Showroom page and you can search according to your location in order to find a local distributor.