Our service at Riho

Good service is an important part of our business. We provide premium products which we believe in. However, should you still experience a problem with your Riho product, we will search together for a suitable solution.

If a product is still under guarantee, the Service notification should always be handled via the Riho distributor. Not directly with Riho.
For service notifications after the guarantee period has expired you may contact Riho directly. Please send an e-mail to the Riho Service Department in your country (see below).

We have a page on which you can view the most common questions related to service, complete with the relevant answers: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

There is also plenty of information on our Riho Support website: http://www.riho-support.com.

Riho’s service engineers know our products like no other. They are there to provide the perfect after-sales care.

For service in the Netherlands: send an e-mail with your remarks and possibly pictures to:

For service in Belgium: send an e-mail with your remarks and possibly pictures to:

Following receipt of your service notification we will contact you as quickly as possible.